Crosslexic is a pure Java application and can be launched a number of ways depending on how your Java Virtual Machine is configured on your operating system. Being a Java application means it is portable and can run on many platforms.


  • Click the jar file to launch the application.
  • Or in a console window type: java -jar crosslexic.jar


  • Select the length of the word you want to solve.
  • Type in the known characters in the text boxes and click on the 'Search' button.
  • Results will be placed in the 'Matches' field.
  • Only alphabetic characters are allowed.


  • You can clear individual characters by pressing the BACKSPACE, DELETE or SPACEBAR keys.
  • You can overwrite individual characters by placing the cursor in the text box and pressing any alphabetic key.
  • You can revise your characters and search again or you can click the 'Clear' button to start afresh.
  • Progress of the search through the dictionary is displayed below and if the search is taking too long you can click the 'Stop' button.